Unique Techniques

No Twisting or Cracking!

Dr. Davidson has had years of training in several techniques that involve zero twisting or cracking of the spine.  Rather than putting a bone back into place for you, her techniques teach your brain and nerves how to heal old stresses and injuries and be able to adapt to new ones in a constructive way.  They also reduce twisting tension on the spine and spinal cord, and compression of the skull. She uses her hands and and instrument called the Integrator to provide very specific care that is safe and comfortable for all ages from newborns to great-grandparents.

Network Spinal Analysis

This technique assesses the stresses on the spine and nerves then uses gentle specific contacts (a thumb or fingertip along the side of the spine) to bring awareness to the tension patterns the body is holding allowing the brain to recognize them and heal.  It teaches the body how to build stronger and healthier neural pathways in order to optimize neural function and adaptation.

Torque Release Technique

The Integrator, the instrument Dr. Davidson uses to release twisting tension in the spine, was developed in order to have reproducible results in a chiropractic study.  An adjustment with just the hands is not exactly reproducible. Torque Release Technique was developed during this research project. It was done in an addiction recovery facility to see the effects of chiropractic care on recovery.  It involves a very specific analysis protocol and gentle adjustments to release twisting tension from the spine and spinal cord.  You can read more about it and the study here: https://www.torquerelease.com


Biogeometric Integration 

This is a system of aligning the geometry of the body and looking at the movement relationships between the structures of the body.  It is very subtle work and you may not notice when it is happening, but the results allow better motion, continuity between structures, and increased harmony between nerve, structure and emotion.


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