Pediatric Care

Kids are always on the go. From the moment they are born they are growing and learning constantly. The brain and nerve system is the first system to develop because it directs the growth and development of all the other systems. Chiropractic is designed to optimize brain and nerve function, so kids can grow and learn without obstacles. Babies’ entrance into the world is never easy. Even if it’s considered and easy birth, the baby still has to get squeezed and pushed through a very small opening. Births run the range from everything going right (baby is head down, facing backward, and comes out in a timely manner without too much strain) to major interventions like c-section. No matter the manner of the birth, mom and baby experience a traumatic event right at the beginning. The more interventions (Pitocin, forceps, pulling on the head, vacuum, epidural, other drugs, c-section) there are, the more traumatic the experience for everyone involved. It’s a lot to take on for a baby and the research shows that 95% of newborns already have some spinal injury. Yes, 95%. Even the ones who were born naturally. That’s a lot of injured babies. Usually, you can’t see this injury because it is subtle and it’s in the spinal cord and nerves and parents are busy counting fingers and toes. As the baby grows, things start to be not quite right. Things like colic, acid reflux, constipation, ear infections, fussiness, poor sleep, torticollis, are all so common in babies that we consider them normal. What they all have in common is they can be traced back to spinal injury at birth. The best time to get adjusted is before the symptoms start. That’s why the first adjustment is so crucial and is recommended within the first 24 hours after birth. Chiropractic kids rarely have any of the symptoms listed above because their brain and nerves are working optimally from the start. Sure, they get injured, but spinal adjustments allow their bodies to heal.


" It is easier to stay well than to get well "