Dr. Davidson has been searching for ways to get and stay well for her whole life. She was constantly ill as a child, but never found a solution from any of the doctors she visited or the prescriptions they prescribed, so she set out to find something. She had been to chiropractors before, but found the twisting and cracking of the spine quite painful. When she discovered a chiropractor who practiced Network Spinal Analysis her life was changed. The daily headaches she had experienced her whole life started to diminish, while the sore throats faded away too. She began to have more energy and zest for life. She continued on to earn her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 2006.

A Vermont native, Dr. Davidson grew up skiing, biking, hiking, swimming, and gardening. Chiropractic care has allowed her to continue these pursuits and to begin a family. She has a 10 year old daughter who is amazingly healthy and has been getting chiropractic adjustments since birth. Dr. Davidson is dedicated to helping people of all ages get well and stay well, but has a special place in her heart for children. As a former teacher and a former sick kid she wants the best of health for all children and loves assisting families take a proactive role in their kids’ wellness.

The motto here at Clear Connection Chiropractic is “It is easier to stay well than to get well.” What does this mean? Many people wait to take care of themselves until they are already feeling symptoms. At this point, the body has already been out of balance for some time. At Clear Connection Chiropractic we certainly take care of people who are in this state and work hard to get them well. However, the best time to take care of your health is when you still have it. Just like maintaining a car or a garden, when you maintain your health it lasts longer. Chiropractic care allows your brain and body to communicate clearly. Brain and body are connected by spinal cord and nerve. Any stress you have (a fall, a medication, an argument, etc) has to be processed by your brain. If the communication is not working at 100%, these stresses cannot be processed effectively, so they take a toll on your body and make you sick.

Chiropractic care makes sure your spinal cord and nerves are working clearly, so all the information that needs to be processed can be clear. You’ve probably had the experience of talking on the phone when one person starts losing service. You may hear static, or maybe every other word. You can make out part of what the person is saying, but you also miss important parts. That’s what it’s like for your brain when your nerves and spinal cord are stressed. It doesn’t get the whole message. Chiropractic care allows for a Clear Connection. Many people do not like their spines and necks to be twisted and cracked. At Clear Connection Chiropractic we use modern techniques that bypass the twisting and cracking, teaching your nerves how to function better and your spine to heal with very gentle contacts. It’s a relaxing and energizing experience that is equally gentle and effective for newborns, kids, parents, and even grandparents.