Back to School Anxiety

A few weeks ago I noticed a friend's daughter biting her nails.  Not just trying to get a hangnail off, but chewing at them constantly.  It was the week before school was due to start and my friend had noticed the nail biting ramping up as school got closer.  Her daughter was about to start at a new school and though she was not saying she was nervous, the nail biting was showing us clearly.

Nail biting and chiropractic?

The purpose of chiropractic is to improve the health and vitality of the nerve system which consists of the brain, spinal cord and nerves.  This is the system that processes stress.  Stress can include a physical event like being born, falling while learning to walk, or an auto accident; a chemical event like a medication, fume, or skin product; or an emotional event like starting a new school, having a fight with a friend, or getting a baby sister. All of these are examples of stresses that the nerve system has to process and adapt to.  Nail biting and other nervous habits are signs that the nerve system is overwhelmed and not working at its best, so the stress is being expressed as a destructive habit.  Chiropractic care is designed to help the nerve system process and adapt to stress constructively.  

Chiropractic for kids?

Yes! The ideal time to start taking care of something is when you first get it.  Health is one of those things.  A family chiropractor is someone who is trained to gently assess and adjust the nerve and spinal health to keep children and their parents healthy and adapting optimally always.  At Clear Connection Chiropractic the techniques used for kids and adults never involve any twisting or cracking.  Babies as young as just a few hours get safely and gently adjusted so they can have the healthiest start to life.

Anyone, kid or adult who is showing signs of excess nervous energy like nail biting can benefit from a chiropractic assessment and tackle school and life with 100%.