The Magnificent Brain: Part 2

Thinking back to high school biology class, one of the five signs of life is adaptation.  Your brain is like the hard drive of a computer. It runs everything...digestion, respiration, muscle function, hormones, fertility, and your brain controls how you adapt to stress. If we never had stress, we would never adapt, so we wouldn’t live.  Whenever you have a stress or injury, the brain sets up a program to heal and adapt to that stress or injury. Often we’re on to the next thing before we complete that adaptation so the program keeps running. Just as on your computer, when there are too many programs running, it freezes or crashes.  Physically, this process appears as symptoms...pain, fatigue, indigestion, frequent illness, infertility. Ideally, your brain has enough space on its hard drive to adapt to all its stresses, to use those stresses constructively rather than destructively.

How do we tap into this amazing healing and adapting power of the brain and make sure that it is working at it’s best?  Ideally, the nerve system gets regular maintenance from the time we are born to optimize function from the start and keep problems from arising.  Fortunately there are options for the rest of us. For over a decade I have been honing gentle, non-invasive techniques to heal the nerve system, optimize brain function, and maintain it at a highly functioning level.  My techniques involve no supplements, medications, surgeries, needles, tests, or pain. They are designed to gently remind your brain about all those programs it is still running; some of them from as far back as your birth.  It helps your brain finish the healing that these programs are supposed to do so they can stop running. It frees up space on your hard drive for more healing, more function, and better adaptation. In this process, many things can change.  As your body heals, it is difficult to predict what will change first, but within a few months most symptoms have disappeared.