The Magnificent Brain: Part 1

So, how does health work? The Brain.  Possibly the most underestimated organ in the body.  When most people think of the brain, they think about thinking.  Often they think of the brain as something they want to turn off.  I hope to bring a whole new perspective in regard to the brain.  It is really a magnificent computer that is running many more functions than we can consciously think about.  And it’s really not all in your head. It’s everywhere. Every millimeter of sensation and millisecond of function is thanks to the brain.  

The brain, spinal cord, and nerves all together are one organ called the nerve system.  The brain is the largest and most recognized portion and it resides within the protection of the skull.  The skull is made up of a number of interlocking cranial bones with slightly movable joints. This mobility protects the brain and allows it to expand and contract.  At the base of the skull there is a hole called the foramen magnum. This is where the skull meets the spine and also where the brain changes shape and becomes the spinal cord.  Similarly, the spinal cord is protected by a number of interlocking bones called vertebrae that make up the spine. Between the vertebrae are even smaller holes called intervertebral foramina. These are where the nerves branch off of the spinal cord and continue to all the organs and extremities of the body.  There are no stopping points between brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Cross sections of all three show similar basic structure. Together the three make up the nerve system and control and coordinate every organ and function in the body. The thinking part is a very small portion of what the brain actually does.