A Family Story

Back in the early days of my practice I had a couple come in for care.  They were in their late 30s, married for 12 years, no children. The woman had chronic migraines and had heard that my gentle, neurologically based care could help. Within a few weeks, her results were so exciting that she convinced her husband to come too.  He had some aches and pains and didn’t sleep well. He started regular care and started sleeping better and feeling better quite quickly. I find the benefits of my care are increased when all family members come in, so was glad both husband and wife were committed to care.  At the wife’s three month re-exam she reported she was migraine free, had more energy, and felt like her digestion was better. At the husband’s three month re-exam, they were both in tears. They hadn’t told me this at the beginning of care because they didn’t think it was related to the brain and nerve system, but for the first seven years of their marriage they had tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant.  After 2 failed rounds of IVF treatments, they had given up five years previously. They had resigned themselves to never being parents. Now, after just a few months of my care, they were expecting their first child! They continued care through the pregnancy and their healthy daughter was followed by a son two years later.

Most people don’t realize that the brain is responsible for controlling and coordinating all of the functions of your body!  It's not just for thinking. As the lucky couple in the story above found out, it’s even in charge of your fertility! As a brain and nerve system specialist, I knew from the start I wanted to help people increase their fertility, see them through their pregnancies, and maintain their children’s nerve systems from the start.  This couple illustrated to me that I don’t even have to know what is wrong! They never told me they had fertility issues. By improving the function of their nerve systems, their bodies healed enough, that not only were they both feeling so much better, but they started new life! Over the years there have been many more couples like this.  It's my hope that by writing this book, more couples will realize the power their bodies have to heal and be well and be pregnant. And that it doesn’t take invasive and miserable procedures to get there. With good nerve system support, they can change their lives.