Fertility: A New Perspective

In an ideal world there are no problems with fertility.  Reproduction is one of the five signs of life and we are all alive, so we should all be able to manage this part without any difficulty.  The multiple stresses that we are all under can be overwhelming to our systems and interfere with our natural abilities.

The reproductive system is complex to say the least.  In order to work well all the pieces have to be working well individually and in concert with each other.  For women this means eggs must be viable, ovaries functioning, Fallopian tubes clear, uterus ready, cervix open, and pelvis able to hold a growing baby. For men, testicles must be producing viable sperm, vas deferens must be clear and functional, prostate normal, and penis working well.  All of these individual organs are controlled and coordinated by hormones and nerves. Hormone production happens in the brain, so the brain needs to be healthy. All hormones have a common base, cholesterol, so nutrition is important in order to have high quality cholesterol to base the hormones on.  Brain and nerve tissue is mostly made of fat, so in order for messages between the brain and the reproductive organs to be sent and received clearly, high quality fats in the diet are also important. And, of course, all pieces of the equation have to be highly functioning for both partners who also have to make sure their timing is right.  It's kind of amazing that reproduction happens at all!!

With all of these variables it can be difficult to pinpoint the cause of a couple not being able to achieve or sustain a pregnancy.  Also, it may not be only one piece of the puzzle that is not functioning correctly. What each piece has in common is that it's controlled and coordinated by the brain and nerve system, which is also the system that has to handle all of the incoming stresses and injuries.  The gentle chiropractic techniques used at Clear Connection Chiropractic are specifically designed to optimize nerve function.  Often, within 6 months of regular care infertility is no longer an issue.