Generations of Care

One of my favorite things that I see as a family chiropractor is how beneficial chiropractic is at any age. It is never too late to improve on and maintain your health.  From the newborn who has just been through the birth process and is figuring out how to nurse, to the toddler who is falling on her bum every day, to the kid who wets the bed, to the mom with migraines and the grandfather with a stiff neck...everyone can improve.  The biggest honor I receive as a chiropractor is when multiple generations of the same family are under my care. I have lots of parents with kids and that is wonderful, but when the grandparents and even the great grandparents are maintaining the health of their nerve systems too,  I feel that is when the magic really happens. Multiple generations staying healthy together is where the health revolution really starts.

As a family chiropractor, a generational chiropractor, I am honored to be a the forefront of the movement.  My unique gentle techniques eliminate any twisting or cracking of the spine, so they can be used very safely on any body from newborn to great grandparents.  My youngest clients are only hours old, my oldest are in their 80s. It is never too early or too late to get well and stay well. There is never any limit to how healthy an individual or a family can be.