Trusting Birth

Birth has been happening for thousands of years. As women, our bodies prepare for it or whole lives.  Every potential child is already started by the time a female is a 7 month old fetus. Every egg is stored in her body from before she is even born.  The easiest way to tell a female skeleton from a male is by the shape of her pelvis. It's round and open as opposed to a male which is more upright and narrow. Women are known for their curves.  All these curves are there to make birthing and babies possible. Birth is an ancient process that all women instinctively know how to do. It works best when our bodies are just allowed to do what they innately know.  Birth is a dance between mom and baby. If left to dance, most of the time it can happen beautifully.

Unfortunately, birth has gotten lost in much of the western world.  The United States has c-section rates of 30% and pitocin rates of 90%.  Hospital births have become the norm, so birth as medical emergency has become the norm.  The first problem is that hospitals are stressful places. Babies don’t want to come out into stressful situations.  As soon as a mom is stressed by more than being in labor, the birth process slows down. Going to the hospital is like a catch 22.  You go there to have a baby but the atmosphere is not baby friendly. It is normal for the pace of labor to change. Labor is a dance between mom and baby and can take a long time.  It is not normal to be on a schedule, in a bed, attached to devices, or taking medication during labor. It is normal to take as much time as is needed, be in whatever position is comfortable, eat and drink, move around.  Hospitals insist that birth takes a certain amount of time and every step of it has to be monitored. If there is deviation from the “normal” medication is deemed necessary. For many thousands of years women have been having babies at home, in comfort, medication and intervention free.   

This is not to say that occasional intervention is not appropriate.  The Farm Midwifery Center run by the iconic Ina May Gaskin occasionally had an emergency c-section.  In a case involving placenta previa there is really not other option. However, the c-section rate there is 0.6%. They don’t use pitocin or other medications.  They let birth happen and support the moms through the process.  Chiropractic care at Clear Connection Chiropractic supports mom through pregnancy so that birth can be as natural as possible.  Dr. Davidson even travels to home or hospital to adjust mom and baby as soon as possible after the birth, so everyone can be off to the best start.